(Yeojin's diary)

Yeojin Seo

Korean Edition
Size : 118 x 173 mm
160 pages / PUR binding
Independent book

A 78-day trip to France. Daily diary in Orléans.
This book is my first Independent art book about traveling to France.


When I draw a picture, precious memories permeate my heart.
The sound, weather, and blurred emotions of the day become clearer on the paper.
I drew with the desire to keep the warm scenes in the small city of Orléans for a long time.
Rather than painting famous landmarks in France,
I focused on small happiness in my daily life.
How about making a book that shows my diary?
This project started with that idea.
This trip was a time to spend in France and get to know French culture little by little.
I freely captured what I saw,ate and felt while staying in France.

Vintagegirl 2019 — Yeojin Seo